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TransHair is one of most popular Hair Transplant Clinic center in Jaipur and Bikaner, we believe in serving quality treatment to our patients. We are the first clinic in Rajasthan which offers No Root Touch advance technique, this leads to a success rate of 95% to 98%.

Our Hair Transplant treatment is painless and leave no scar after surgery, we can assure you 100% natural and quality results. Book your hair transplant consultancy appointment here.

Why Choose TransHair?

  • We Use Latest Technique
  • Painless Treatment
  • No Scar
  • 100% Natural Results
  • Permanent Hairline
  • High Hair Density
  • Cost in Your Budget

    TransHair expertise in following services

    • Fue Hair Transplant
    • Stem-Cell Hair Transplant
    • Bio FUE Hair Transplant
    • Hair Line Restoration
    • Female Hair Transplant
    • Beard Hair Transplant
    • Eyebrow Restoration
    • Body Hair Transplant
    • My name is L Chandratreya and I'm 68 years old. I planned for hair transplant but I was very nervous about my age and health. The Doctor is very experienced and he've done more then 1000 hair transplant surgeries. I am thankful to TransHair.

      L. Chandratreya
    • Hello, I am orthopedic surgeon and I have done my hair restoration from TransHair. I owe a Big Thank You to TransHair, for getting me the right fit of a system- that looks so real. The surgeon was very experienced and I really like the way their team work. I recommend TransHair for perfect hair transplant results.

      Dr. P. Gawde
    • Bald head is a difficult phase to counter in my life and I had my share of it too, but I’m happy that I got over it. This was possible because of the latest FUE technology. The process was painless and left no scars. The results were good and left no confusion in my mind about my looks. I thank the staff at TransHair

      Ganesh Kukna
    • Hair transplant was a big decision for me. The rapid pace of hair loss was even more worrying. After several months of evaluation, I found the right solution with TransHair. Their results are more impressive then I expected.

      V.V. Patil

    How to Calculate Grafts?

    Number of grafts can be calculated according to bald area on scalp and level of baldness. Average session of hair transplant require 3000 grafts (this number may vary in your case*). However to give a general approximation on the graft requirement can request for a free quotation. Patients may require more or fewer grafts than indicated to achieve a desired density; this can be confirmed at the time of consultation.

    Hair Transplant Costs?

    Hair Transplant cost depends on hair grafts you need, your aspirations and the chosen method of microsurgery. The only sure way to be more precise on the number of grafts required is through a private consultation with one of our surgeons. Our aim is to provide best hair transplant results in your budget, however you can ask cost of your hair transplant surgery to TransHair expert by contacting us.